Blog - 5 free or cheap ways to feel better now

5 free or cheap ways to feel better now

  • 6 August 2021
  • Ella Hamilton at pirkx
  • 4 minutes read

5 free or cheap ways to feel better now

...that can all be done in Uggies and your Oodie

Wow, this pandemic just keeps on giving, doesn't it?  For so many practical, financial and emotional reasons, our wellbeing is getting pummelled.  Sometimes it is all just too much and it is hard to know what to do feel in any way better. 


Here are some ways in which pirkx can help:


Free telehealth GP

Call the telehealth GP for free if in lockdown.  You can get help with any current condition, diagnosis, prescription repeats, referrals and medical certificates.  These calls can be done from your mobile phone from anywhere, and you’ll receive your prescription immediately by email.  Usually fom $35 for a 10 minute consult, these consults are bulk-billed for Medicare card holders. Member link here

Free confidential counsellors

Call the pirkx counsellor.  You can have up to 6 sessions about any one issue, and your household partner can too.  More than 1 issue?  No problem.  We want you to be able to access the help you need.  Sometimes we worry about those closest to us – an elderly parent, or a child at school.  Our counsellors can give you advice on how to help others too. Members link here.

Choose from nearly 500 wellbeing related micro-courses

Do you feel like you’ve watched everything on Netflix?  Consider doing a course on Udemy.  They can be as short as 1 hour, and cost from $17 during sales.  There are 150,000 courses on lots of different topics from wellbeing related, breathwork, languages, coding languages, mechanical engineering and much more.  Pirkx members get 25% off, but you may be able to save even more if they are having one of their giant sales, so subscribe for their updates.  Wellbeing related topics include mental health, stress management, nutrition, fitness, reflexology and yoga, to name just a few areas. Members link here.

Using exercise to feel better, even if you’re not fit

Would you like to change up your exercise routine?  Or perhaps you don’t currently exercise due to time or even confidence issues.  Head over to and you’ll find workouts that don’t need equipment and can be as short as 10 minutes.  Even this short stretch will change the way you feel for today, and can be done even if you’re wearing ugg boots and your Oodie! Members link to all pirkx fitness here.

Listen to some feel-good tunes

Do you like this list from Huffpost? I’m on top of the world! (Number 24 on the list).  Get inspired and then have a listen using YouTube, Spotify, apple or your usual music service and dance like no-one’s watching…

Not yet a member?

Subscribing is easy.  You can join as an individual or as a business, and then invite your employees and contractors.  Wellbeing is for everyone, and we would love to have you.

  • Ella Hamilton
  • Co-founder and MD pirkx Australia

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