Blog - NURTURING A HAPPIER HEALTHIER HUMAN: The Role of Wellbeing in Education and Training Industry

NURTURING A HAPPIER HEALTHIER HUMAN: The Role of Wellbeing in Education and Training Industry

  • 3 April 2024
  • Hyacinta Mortel at pirkx
  • 3 minutes read

NURTURING A HAPPIER HEALTHIER HUMAN: The Role of Wellbeing in Education and Training Industry

"Investing in the wellbeing of educators is investing in the future of society." – Confucius

In the world of Education and Training prioritizing the welfare of those who mould minds and foster professional growth is crucial. As Confucius astutely observed, supporting educators has an effect that extends beyond classrooms shaping the very essence of our society. 

Envision a community where teachers thrive with a strong sense of wellbeing empowered to seize control of their lives with vitality and purpose. This embodies the aspiration, for a pursuit of enhancing quality of life within education and training systems. 

Under the Microscope: “The Struggles We Face”:  

In the corridors of our Education and Training institutions, silent battles are fought every day. Mental health struggles, work-life balance woes, and financial strains weigh heavily on the shoulders of educators and employees alike. 

The Education and Training industry has a diverse range of working environments, each throwing up its share of challenges. 

In the school teaching sector, there is an ongoing risk of overwork and staff “burnout” associated with aspects such as large class sizes, challenging student behaviours, and high parental expectations. In some cases, parental influence may be highly negative, confrontational, and stressful to the staff. 

Resourcing, both human and financial, may also be limited in some situations, requiring additional time and effort on the part of the teacher to enable engaging lessons to be planned and delivered, and effective student learning to take place. In recent years, staff shortages have appeared, especially at the commencement of the school year as systems continue to struggle to stem the flow of qualified teachers leaving the education sector. This situation will continue to grow, as an increasingly ageing “baby boomer” workforce looks towards early retirement. 

A common misconception is that school staff finish work in the late afternoon each day and enjoy extended holiday periods without working commitments. In recent decades, staff have become increasingly connected to students’ home units via email and education department portal access, which is posted online, and parents communicate regarding submission dates and failure of students to submit work by deadlines. Reporting and assessment are now provided online to enable 24-hour access. As a result, the gap between home and workplace has blurred for many education professionals. This situation has been exacerbated during the Covid pandemic. 


pirkx: A Light at the End of the Tunnel 

pirkx innovative platform offers cost being activities, for individuals and workplaces. Dealing with challenges in the education and training sector pirkx is changing how they approach happiness and wellness. 

So, what is pirkx exactly. How does it impact the lives of educators? Essentially pirkx is a platform that offers wellbeing benefits for everyone irrespective of their job status. Through its five core pillars – health, wealth, recognition, education, and social aspects – pirkx aims to empower individuals by promoting self-care and community support, within the Education and Training industry. 


The Benefits of pirkx: 

Health. Access to mental health resources, stress management tools, and fitness discounts to promote physical and emotional wellbeing. 

Wealth. Financial wellness programs, discounts on everyday expenses, and travel perks to alleviate financial concerns. 

Recognition. Peer-to-peer recognition platforms and career advancement opportunities to acknowledge the hard work of educators.

Education. Continuous learning opportunities, professional development resources, and skill-building courses to enhance teaching abilities. 

Social. Community forums, networking events, and social activities to foster connections and combat feelings of isolation. 

As Education and Training employees navigate the complexities of their profession, prioritising wellbeing is key to achieving personal and professional fulfillment. With pirkx's comprehensive suite of wellbeing solutions, individuals can conquer challenges, embrace growth opportunities, and thrive in their roles. Join the wellbeing revolution with pirkx and unlock a brighter, healthier future in the Education and Training industry. 


FAQs about pirkx: 

What makes pirkx stand out in the wellbeing industry? 

We offer affordable, customisable wellbeing benefits tailored for educators and other employment sectors, addressing their unique needs and challenges. 

How can educators benefit from pirkx? 

Educators can access a wide range of resources and support services, including mental health support, financial planning assistance, and community networks, to prioritise their wellbeing. 

How does pirkx ensure the privacy and security of its members? 

We prioritise the privacy and security of its members by implementing robust data protection measures and strict confidentiality protocols. 


Engage with Us! 

How has your wellbeing journey in the education sector been? We invite you to share your stories and questions as we continue to foster a culture of health and wellness together. 



  • Hyacinta Mortel
  • Marketing Associate for pirkx

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