Blog - Cleaning products are boring and expensive. Find out how to save heaps!

Cleaning products are boring and expensive. Find out how to save heaps!

  • 4 August 2021
  • Ella Hamilton at pirkx
  • 3 minutes read

Cleaning products are boring and expensive. Find out how to save heaps!

Save up to $438 a year on dishwasher detergent

Just a heads up - the answer is defintely not to use regular detergent in your machine.  That woud be bad...


When we think about "tightening our belts" we may think of watching Netflix instead of seeing a movie, or not going out for that avo smash on a Saturday morning.  Good news!  pirkx will provide a series of tips on how to save money on grudge purchases, and cleaning products definitely tick that box.


So, let's talk about the dishwasher.  Do you use those multi-coloured tablets?  They are expensive.  They're usually at least $0.50 each and sometimes can be $1.30 each.  They are often on sale, but when you look at the price per tablet (shown on the price ticket), you'll quickly see how much you are paying for every load you run.  And those sticky plastic wrappers they come in? Don't get me started.


The great news is that you can save heaps by switching from the big name brands to generic brands.  The Coles generic products give you a great result. 

A lid of powder ($3.90/bottle) will cost 8 cents per load, and their rinse aid ($1.50/bottle) is about 2 cents a load, for a miserly 10 cents per load.  If you were using tablets that cost $1.30 a wash and you run your dishwasher every day, that would save you a whopping $438 a year! Who would have thought?

On top of that, you can use your pirkx to save on your total supermarket shops at Coles or Woolworths.  Just buy a discounted e-gift voucher and load it to your phone so you can tap and pay. If you're logged in to pirkx you can click this link and check out supermarket discounts.  Easy!

  • Ella Hamilton
  • Co-founder and MD pirkx Australia

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